Friday, January 25, 2008


Success!! Happiness!! Money!! Everybody want that. Am I right? But wanting and getting is two different things. It's easy to say "I want this, I want that" but it's hard to get. For example, It's easy to say, I want FERRARI, but if your financial status is not so good then it's hard to get. Don't you agree? hmm. So does that mean that if you don't have strong financial status, you can't achieve anything..

Well, No!!I didn't say that either. Then, how can you achieve success and get everything that you have desired? Any Idea!! There are many factors that are responsible for your success (like hard work, patience, focus etc.). But the main factor that determines your success is......What do you think?

Ok, No more suspense. Here it is. It's called "SETTING YOUR DIRECTION". What's that? It is a guideline for your success. Setting the Direction makes your path easy for you to walk and finally achieve success, like the direction on street makes you easy to find your destination. You just follow the direction and you reach your final destination. Similar thing happens in achieving success. If you have set your direction then it's easy for you to walk through that path and track yourself how you are moving ahead. If you want to move ahead and achieve success then the foremost thing that you have to do is SET YOUR DIRECTION in life.

Always make direction in your life. Where do you want to go? How to reach there? How long will it takes? Set everything before you jump into. It makes your task lot more easier because you know where you are heading towards.

On the other hand, Directionless person suffers in life. They are like blindfolded person left alone in the street. They don't know what's coming infront of them and face a lot of problem. They don't have a fixed path where they can walk. They go here and there and end up empty.

Now I want to share one example with you about two shopkeepers.

Shopkeeper #1:
He comes to his shop, opens the shop as usual at morning, spends all the day in the shop, and closes the shop at night and goes home.

Shopkeeper #2:
He opens the shop. He thinks how he can get more customer, how he can promote his shop, how he can create many branches of his shop in near future and many more.

Did you see the difference? You did, ya.. Now tell me which shopkeeper is going to move ahead in his life. Yup, you are right. Shopkeeper #2 moves ahead in his life because he has set his direction.

Person having Direction CONTROLS his life whereas, Directionless person won't have any control over his life and they go wherever time takes them.

Now you know the foremost key to achieve success. Go for it and make your dreams come true. Before I end up this post, here's one thing that I would like to say.

Before you jump into anything, ask yourself this question:
"Am I doing it to engage myself or to make it work done?"
Think about it..


asimplelife said...


hi... hey, you've got a very nice site... this inspires a lot!!! keep it up!!!


WoW said...

no doubt setting direction is easy, execution is the most difficult part of it. It needs strong ambition, determination, discipline, positive thinking etc to reach one's goal(s). Of course to succeed, one must dare to fail not once but as many as possible.

sherry said...

What's your resolution for 2008?

Dann said...

thanx asimplelife..
take care and have a great time ;)

Dann said...

hi wow..
Yup.. setting direction is easy if you know where you are heading towards.. But there are many people who are confused to choose the direction. Shall I go here or there or there ...

Setting direction starting step for any success and ya implementing it is the most.

take care and have a great time ;)

Dann said...

hi sherry..
my resolution for 2008 :
LIVING EACH DAY as it's my last.

take care and have a great time ;)

mr_viruz said...

goals and ambitions i could illustrate it as our map in are journey in life..

whre ever or what ever we may be this will set as guide to a better life

but i believe that reaching this is still not enough coz thre still lots of surprises that life still has that we must explore

Hye said...

Hello Dann.. I got disconnection issue yesterday. I wasn't even able to post yesterday. My ISP sucks :( Sorry for my late comment here :D

Everything you said is true. You must have goals to succeed. Because if you just let yourself go with the flow, nothing will direct you forward. However, as wow said, execution is the very difficult part :(

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bluecrystaldude said...

success for me is the correct aim and the correct method to achieve it. Simple right? :D