Saturday, January 26, 2008


Life is a journey. Journey, where you'll encounter happiness, sorrow, surprises. But whatever/whoever you encounter in your way, there's one thing that you should always have. And that's FUN. Make a place for FUN in your life. Life is not only about learning, teaching ...It's about enjoying each moment of your life with fun. more boring lectures..;). let me come to the point.
How many days are there in a week? 7 ..right answer.

Thinking..Why am I asking this stupid question..
There's a reason behind this question .I got to tell you something. A new special day has emerged in my blog and that's not as usual days. It's something different. I named this day FUN-DAY and it's aim is to make you forget all your problems and have fun.

Every Sunday is the FUN-DAY and every post posted in this day will be the FUN post.

So, BE READY to laugh and get full entertainment. I'll make sure that you get 1000% FUN this day.

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