Thursday, January 24, 2008


I got a tag from My sweet friend , Waliz and it's about things that 'I LOVE AND I HATE'.. Thanx sweetie. I would like to share everything that I LOVE AND I HATE, but if I do, then this post will be a big book ..;) .. So here are some short list of the things that I LOVE AND I HATE.

  • My family
  • My friends
  • Animals
  • Sports
  • Parties
  • Music
  • $$$
  • Sleeping

  • Hypocrites
  • Traffic jams
  • Politics
  • Waking up early in the morning
  • Traveling alone
  • Cheaters

Quite a long list, ya...whew..;)
I finished my part. Now, it's your turn guys..Here it comes:
mr viruz

PLAY IT OR SLAY IT, it's your wish....

I would like to tag some more friends, but they have already been tagged. I hope you figured out whom I'm talking about.

I also like to welcome all the readers and friends to be the part of this tagging. Share your views, play it and pass it to your friends.



Billy Jack said...

I Love:

my family
pretty things
good food

I Hate:

migraine headaches
backstabbing friends
gossip (those who tell it as well as those who listen)
blow hard know-it-all people

You're right--this could take all day.

Dann said...

hey billy,
that's quite interesting list.. ;) .. have a great time ;)...

Space of Reality said...

Who tagged me?.. hehehe... That's interesting list dann:D

I am glad I am not in your list of the things/persons you hate.


waliz said...

i tought i'm in the love list..hua huaaaa! just kidding...:D

bluedreamer27 said...

hello dann yeah i was tagged by our beautiful friend waliz and betcha by golly wow
i want to post oit in my blog now although i still generalizing my answer
and i hate cheaters too hmmp
my classmate just cheated my work (project) yesterday

WoW said...

I think it's a bit dry repeating the whole process again. I hope you don't mind i do this way : )

"I love because I'm able to 'hate', there is no love if there is no hate exists in this world"

hehe understand? I myself not too certain of what I'm tying to say here..

Dann said...

hi hye..
Interesting list.. really .. I'm dying to hear that..heheheh.. Yup, you're in my list. Most targeted list.. on People I LOVE..

take care and have a great time ;)

Dann said...

hi Waliz dear,
Yup, you're.
There's only one way to see your name. Close your eyes and open your heart.. There you go.. Did you see?

take care and have a great time ;)

Dann said...

hi buddy,,
waiting for your list.. have a great time ;)

Dann said...

hi wow..
that's a nice line.. I like it.
Love and hate are two wheels of life. One is incomplete without another..

take care and have a great time ;)

mr viruz said...

dann check out for your award at my "in my mind" i put a little changes on it

RJ said...

hi dann!! thanks for the tag...i'll do it when i get back..i'll just have to some errands. thanks again!! have a nice day!!

nisha said...

Exactly Dann.. i thought your love and hate list, matched mine;) though i havnt posted on it yet.. but lets see if i do away with a difference! hehe

AngelBaby said...

Hi Dann,

I have been tagged allot lately and I am trying to get caught up again so please be patient with me. Plus I got knocked down pretty good by the flue that is going around. I promise to get to it this week.

Love and Blessings,