Sunday, January 13, 2008

The GREATEST PRANK of all Time

Well, this is really hilarious. Few days earlier, my friend played a prank on me and it worked. I was fooled by that prank and end up laughing at myself. As I was laughing, something DEVIL started to arise in my mind...hahahahaha.. Well, I will talk about this DEVIL part later on.

Lets move on to fun part. Doing prank with friends is a great fun..Don't you agree!! Have you done any prank with your friends? I have done pranks and have also been victim of it..This is fun.

Lets come back to that DEVIL part that I mentioned above. As I became victim of that prank, I thought hmmmm... why shouldn't I share this with my friends.."SHARING IS CARING"..I planned to launch this prank on my friends. Hey, this is getting interesting.. Read on.. I had only done prank, one friend or you can say one victim at a time, but this time I thought why don't I try this on some group of friends at a same time...hmmm..That's a good IDEA.. I launched the prank and it worked.. That was a great success..BANG BANG.

Now, lets talk what's the prank? "WINK WINK"...The prank is about ..about..hmm...Instead of hearing it from me, watch it yourself. Click Here to see the prank. I appreciate, if you Continue reading after viewing the prank, please.





Now if you viewed the prank, then welcome back. If you haven't then Click Here.;)

What did you see there? Quite interesting ya... Well, my friends, who have became the victim of my prank may be reading this. Sorry guys for launching this prank on you. I only want you and all to have some fun. hehehe..I told you to find the girl in the picture. You may have tried every angle, assumed different answers, searched all the places in the picture to find her, like I did. But how can you find her if she is not on the land..hehehehe."she is under the water and you can see her when see comes out of water."lol... Hey guys, I hope you are not mad at me after hearing the answer.

Just for fun ;)


RJ said...

your friend sure got the best of you there :)

bluecrystaldude said...

haha! Oh God, I can't believe I being prank. Wow. Now we all should be prepared because prank not only could be done through our real life friends but also through the internet. haha..! :DD

WoW said...

yaya maybe someone will confer another award to you "Prank of all Pranks" lol

waliz said...

thanks a lot Dann!!!!
i am dangerous and i become a victim of this prank??? hehehe...

but u r genius to get such an idea like this...lucky i didnt try very hard to solve the problem....great!!

Nisha...where's the award?? like wow said "Prank of all Pranks"....sigh..

Hani said...


kai said...

aaaaaaaaah! i hate you!! hahaha!
i was figuring it a hell lot but i seriously didnt see whatever their trying to point out. haha. funny! you got me there!

bluedreamer27 said...

waaaah ive been prank!!!!lol
i must make my revenge hehehehe

Dann said...

hi rj.
yup I guess so.. have a great time ;)

Dann said...

hi bluecrystaldude,
lol..beware bluecrystal!! coz' prank may come from anywhere .heheeh..hope you had fun. have a great time ;)

Dann said...

hi wow..
thanx for conferring an award for me.. heheheh..have a great time ;)

Dann said...

hi waliz dear,
Congrats..congrats for becoming my prank victim?...hehehe. thanx a lot for your sweet comment.
well, ya where's my award nisha..!!hehehhe..
take care and have a great time ;) Keep smiling.

Dann said...

hi kai..
did i really get you..? hehehe.. Well, I was scared that you may find the answer, so I revealed it now. lol.
have a great time ;)

Dann said...

hey buddy,
Yup, it's true buddy..hehehe..You've Well, I've to be prepared for your revenge..hehehe.. have a great time ;)

Hye said...

Grrrr... You should have given us a clue... Hehehe... Anyway, thanks for finally giving out the answer... Honestly, I wasn't expecting that. I was expecting for a more serious answer... Hehehe... You did a great job to prank us, by the way. Hahaha.


bluedreamer27 said...

hey there dude i just wondering when will you give us the answer to your brain test
have a nice day !!!!!

MR VIRUZ said...


waliz said...

i dont care Dann.. i could see the girl at the big rock! hehehe...hallucinations i think! u give me too much drink at the party!