Friday, January 11, 2008

Leave The Past Baggage Behind

Imagine!! You are in the Pyramid and there are many secret doors. Inside one door, you found the bags full of gold. When you got inside the door, the door started closing. Now you have two choices, either leave the bag and exit to explore new things or stick with the bag and stuck in one place forever. What will you do in that case?

Well that's just an imagination. But in real life, it happens too, but in a different way. Instead of bag full of gold, it's full of memories, past memories. You got some, I got some, every person has some kind of history, or "baggage", although at varying levels. Carrying baggage of the past is the burden for your present. You cannot ruin your present because of past. Past is gone and neither you can change it or neither there is any benefit remembering it. But is it easy to forget the past? The pain, heart break, broken relationship that you have gone through. Well, it won't be easy, but it won't be good either to stuck up in one place and keep hurting yourself thinking about the past. You have got your whole life ahead.

It's hard to forget everything instantly. Give yourself time to jump into a new relationship. Indulge yourself into things you have never done and always wanted to do. There is a saying "Idle mind is a devils workshop". When you have nothing to do then you keep remembering your past and it will make your life miserable and will make hard for you to start over again. So keep yourself busy as it helps to heal you fast.

Learn from the past and come out a better and stronger person. This allows you to step into a new relationship with better knowledge of what not to be. Leave the past baggage behind, focus on today, and look forward to tomorrow.


Ramil said...

What a wonderful message, Dann! Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful day!

Hye said...

Hmmmnnn... In my opinion, it is not good to live with the past however, it is not good to forget your past as well. I think, past is there to show you some lessons. You have to learn your lessons from the past, but not live with the past. Live with those happy memories of your past and leave the bad memories behind.

You have shared a very great thoughts, dann. Keep it up...

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Dann said...

hi ramil.
thanx for your visit. I am waiting for your new post @ abunchofdreams. have a great time ;)

Dann said...

hi hye..
ya,, the only thing that we have to leave is the sad memories of past and learn from it. Past happy memories will be an encouragement for you.
take care and have a great time ;)

mrviruz said...

hey dann are you love guru or what hehe anyways that was awesome nice post

for me past is past nomatter how painful or miserable it is you cant change it anymore you just have to focus in your present
to make it better dont reglet your past but instead make it as a lesson.
a lesson of the past for a better tommorow how inspiring hehe

mrviruz said...

your post also remind me of a quotes
"whoever ignores history will repeats its tragedy"
thats why all pasts is important

hehe tnx for reminding me

bluecrystaldude said...

I am not sure whether it is a good or bad. But I tend to forget the bitter memory in the past. It is like nothing bad ever happen. How weird is that huh? Even when my friend brought it up to me, it feels so new to me. Not like I have been through it.

Well, my family doctor said I have some of my memory lost when I were a kid (I not an ordinary healthy child) I used to have a bad fever 2 or 3 times a week. At one point I only managed to attend school 1 day a week. Thank God everything has changed now.

But I have lost most of my childhood memory in the past. Not that it was a nice one, but I still feeling a part of my life is missing. And I cant really remember most of my primary school friends. *sigh* I should blog about this matter in the future. lol :P

coolingstar9 said...

After reading your blog, i realize that i have to treasure the present moment. I have to work hard to pursue whatever things that i need to do now, i should do it now, i should not wait for tomorrow, thanks for your insight blog that strengthen my thought. I wish you success in whatever field you are in. note: i happen to see your blogs while commenting on Hye's blogs -another inspiring blogs i also like to read.

nisha said...

very nice post dann.. thats why i call you lovable:) and as i take my award, i also take the opportunity to thank you again and again;)

i agree with hye that you should live the happiness of the past.. but then the past also tends to haunt us in some way or the other.. coz everybody has an empty mind at some point of time.. so you know whose the culprit here? the DEVIL!!;)

bluedreamer27 said...

you know sometimes i is better to leave the past and prepare your self for tommorow
and i believe in this quote
"yeterday is but a dream,,,and tommorow was just a vision..and today is the key to make your yesterday a wonderful dream and make your tommorow a better vision"
so we must give prior for today instead of yesterday or past( but i doesnt nessecarily mean that you must forget your past)
have a nice day and thanks for the double award
huhuhu you make me cry buddy

Dann said...

hi mrviruz.
that's a nice quote and I like the way you think.. thanx for your comment. I appreciate it. Have a great time .always be happy

Dann said...

hi bluecrystaldude,
Well, I am sorry to hear about your childhood. But, you can do nothing about it now. It's gone. Don't let the past memories haunt you.
The only thing that you need is to remember the happy moments so that it will overcome your sad past memories. Be happy. have a great time ;)

Dann said...

hi coolingstar,
thanx for your sweet msg. Yup, you should delete the sad moments, save the happy moments and always insert happiness in your life..have a great time ;)

Dann said...

hi nisha..
thank you thank you ..
A sweet and short msg for you "FORGET THE sad moments and live in the present, smiling" .take care and have a great time ;)

Dann said...

hi buddy,,
Yup, it's better to prepare ourselves for the future than to stick up with that painful past memories. Just take the happy memories from the past. the quote was awesome. Always be happy..take care and have fun

Rose said...

So so true! Leave the past behind, just cherish the present and let tomorrow comes when it is time to come! :)

bluedreamer27 said...

hey buddy
i gave you an awards

thank you so much for giving me the enjoyment of reading
i hope you like it

WoW said...

After reading the 1st para, i thought you may ask a question like this. Who would you rescue first if in the event your mother and your loving gf are drowning at the same time.

Only after reading 2nd para, then I understand what are you trying to illustrate here. It's indeed true some particular memories are hard to forget no matter how hard a person tries and it may take years or decades to wither away. I agree with you about the method used.

rj said...

very true Dann!! best be said that while the past has certain effects on one's person, it shall only serve its purpose when one is able to learn from it. however, let us not make the mistake of dwelling too much on the past. it might hinder a person from doing what is rightfully good.

oh by the way, i don't mind you calling me that.. its okay :)

happy blogging!!

BillyWarhol said...

Excellent Advice Dann!!

Heavens knows I should do it!!



Dann said...

thanx buddy..

Navin said...

Hi Dann, are you from Nepal, I stumbled upon you :)