Thursday, December 27, 2007

What's in My WALLET??

Yippee..My dear friend Waliz tagged me. I am so happy to get "MY FIRST TAG".

What's in my wallet??..hmm..let's see..It's not so big, but it is occupied (useful and useless stuffs) ;)

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Business card: I carry only few. I don't want to make my wallet

Membership card: Have to get discount in some places.

Money card: My helpful friend when I am need of money.. Ya, ya that's debit cards....

Driving License: Since I encountered traffic police when I forgot my license, I carry it everyday;)

And last but not least, I carry some CASH ..;)

Wait, there is still one thing left that I forgot to display and mention. I added this line after my friend WOW asked me about it. Yup, that's my STUDENT ID, and it's behind my driving license.

As you can see, there is nothing much in my wallet but it's worth carrying..I love my Wallet.;)


waliz said...

hi Dann...i'm very happy finally u did the tagging...i like yr wallet..simple and nice..all the basic necessities are they..wht else u want to carry..right?

be prepare to get another tag from me soon..hahaha

Dann said...

hi waliz..i am happy that u like my wallet..;).. Well I think there is something missing in my wallet..and that's your picture..;)..
I am ready for the next tag..;) have fun.

waliz said...

hahaha..u naughty dann...if u put my picture u will get into trouble wth yr gf...but i wish to keep one of yr business card..hmmm

yeah u have fun too..;)

WoW said...

don't you need to carry your IC (identity card) as well? You know, there was a case in our country that a student was mistakenly jailed for 6 mths simply because he forgot to carry his IC with him.

Dann said...

hey wow..Ya, I do carry my ID card. It's behind my driving license..and sorry that I forgot to mention it.;)