Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Farewell to Christmas: See ya next Year...

I had a great Christmas Bash..There were two parties that I celebrated together. One is Christmas and another is my friends birthday party. We gave the b'day boy surprise b'day party and it's great. We bought a big cake and left in the PUB where we planned to celebrate our christmas and his b'day party. We bought him a surprise gift too. The gift was worth remembering .It's a fun gift.. The gift was Scary monster with scary sound ;).The monster was inside the chips can. We put the sticker on the "chips can" naming it, lightning christmas chips so that he won't figure out what's inside it.

We created such environment that he asked for the chips. We gave him the "chips can" and when he opened it....Imagine!! we couldn't control our laughter.. We laughed laughed and laughed.. Other people who were in the pub looked surprisingly to us..May be they thought that we had gone mad..

All of us were wearing christmas hat and music was making the environment cool. We then started dancing and lil. bit of drinking. The time passed so quickly and it's 4 am in the morning. We went to the hotel and spent the night..My mistake..spent the morning.

I had an awesome Christmas this year. I am counting days from today, hmmm...days are longer to count, so I will count month, lol, for the next Christmas to come. Till then See ya next year, Santa..


waliz said...

hey dann i'm glad u enjoy yr xmas..looked like u was having a good time..i'm happy for u my friend...wish i could join u there!

Dann said...

hey waliz..I am so happy to have you as my friend. I wish you were here to enjoy with me. Always keep smiling and have fun..take care .