Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tips To Spark Your Relationship

As time passes by, the spark of the relationship starts to fade out. You will find something missing between you and your beloved. You remember those days when you both first met and had lots of love and affection to give, promises kept to love forever. But now when you think of those days, it has just became a memory because the love, promises you and your partner made were just limited into HISTORY.

But what if you can really bring back those days (your happy days)? Don't you want to lighten up your fizzling relationship ? Make it an amazing relationship that you had dreamed of. If the answer to above question is "YES" , then you are the one to make it happen. Here are some tips to spark your relationship:

  • Give a surprise gift to your beloved, hide it in the bag or below the pillow, or in the car etc.
  • Put a flower and a love note beside your partners bed so that it will be the first thing to see when your partner wakes up.
  • Serve your partner breakfast in bed.
  • Remember the first time you date. Go on a date and revive those days.
  • Send flowers to your beloved at their work place.
  • Plan a surprise trip out of town / Take your partner somewhere new.
  • Write a poem or a love letter and put it in their lunch bag or mail.
  • Dedicate a song to your sweetheart over the radio.
  • Explore new hobbies or interest and participate together.
  • Make time just for your beloved.
  • Touch your partner. It doesn't need to be sexual only. Touch your partner in affection, compassion. Let your partner know that you will always be there for them.


waliz said...

hi Dann..what a useful tips for people who madly in love but dont know how to give spark in their love life...

i like the first give surprise and to get surprise frm my loved one!!

Dann said...

hi waliz..
Having a happy and long-lasting relationship is all we want. All it takes is dedication and willingness to make it happen for not just only you but for both of you..

waliz said... r u? where's yr pet monster...hehehe

sorry..not related to yr topic..:D

Dann said...

hey waliz..I am fine..well, my pet monster has gone for hunt (hunt for a beautiful gal named WALIZ).;). HAVE FUN and take care ..

Hye said...

Hello... You got useful tips here... thanks for sharing them. Hope they will work for me :D

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Dann said...

hi hye...
I am happy that you love the tips and ya of course that tips will work for you too..try it ..don't forget to give me your feedback after trying ;)..

You got a cool blogs..I checked out all.

Well, I am happy to exchange link with you.

take care and have fun ..HAPPY NEW YEAR

Dorothy Smith said...

Nice tips... :)
Every one should try this out to get a sparkling relationship forever.

Romantic Ecards said...

Thanks for sharing these useful tips.
Really nice. Keep 'em coming

Anonymous said...

8===D- - -

Anonymous said...

So i'm in a bit of a pickle!!
I've been with my partner for 13 months and everything in the last 5 months have fallen apart because I had a car accident and because of it we've been in each others face 24/7 we hadn't been able to do anything together. I done all his washing, cooked for him, helped him with his afternoon work paid for pretty much EVERYTHING but was showed no appreciation for it.
So because of all of this we have slowly drifted apart because we haven't had anything to talk about and we live at his work so i find out everything. Because we dont do anything fun together we've become uninterested in each other. I love him and I care about him but i'm not in love with him and he feels exactly the same way. We are only young and both work jobs that involved really crappy hours....but how to i save this relationship and fall in love with him again????