Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Love is endless. We want to experience more love and for sure, no one in this world will say that he/she does not need any more love. In love, we give our whole mind and heart to our beloved. We want to make our beloved happy. We take care that we don't hurt our beloved by somehow. But, If our beloved makes a mistake, we do not forgive them. We may forgive our enemy but we will not forgive our lovers.

We should know that mistakes are the way of life and we all make mistakes, as we all are humans. We have to pacify our beloved and should forgive them because love without forgiveness is like a bird without wings. Birds can't fly without wings, Love can't exist without forgiveness.If you love your beloved then you should learn to forgive.


bluedreamer27 said...

wow i love the combination of the two
actually the moment you forgive someone is the moment you shared love too
happy valentines day in advance

WoW said...

It's true indeed.A world without love is a robotic world.

A a R o N i C a said...

i like your blog. it makes sense.

Rose said...

Very very true! A world without love is like bee without honey!

Hye said...

Hmmnnnn... I think we should learn to know what forgiveness means before forgiving someone. Do you only forgive someone just to please him and tell him everything is forgotten or do you forgive him because you do. Love and forgiveness... you just gave me an idea Dann :D

Space of Reality

AngelBaby said...

I totally agree with you. You also have to accept that the person you love is not perfect and a big part of love is accepting the other persons flaws as well as their perfections. Then you have wonderful lasting love. Don't forget to add in some humor too!

Love and Blessings,

twinkletoe said...

Sometimes it's easy to forgive someone and not really mean it. I don't easily forgive others if I know that I won't be sincere about it. I'd rather wait for the right time to give forgiveness and be really sincere. Nice post.

Glad you like the award, yes of course you can share it with your readers, it'll be an honor to me. Thanks keep up the good work.

nisha said...

Hi Dann.. theres no love, without forgiveness:)

nobody is perfect and we have to accept people as they are.. live, love and forgive:)

loved the post:)