Tuesday, January 29, 2008


"SORRY!! No way. It's against my reputation. I've never said sorry to anyone and never will." Do you think like this? or do you apologize for the mistake you have caused? In which category you belong to?

We all make mistakes and No one can get away without making mistakes. Sometimes, we make such mistakes that hurt others and we were unable to revert it. The only thing that is going to make you feel comfortable inside your heart is to make it up with a single word SORRY and you are sooner or later forgiven for your blunder. Love means having to say sorry. There is no big and small person to whom you say sorry.You won't be humiliated if you say sorry for the mistake made by you.. It will make your relationship long-lasting. Never hesitate to accept your mistake and apologize before the situation gets worst. Feel good not bad to apologize.


bluecrystaldude said...

I always say SORRY. Until I have to stop myself saying it too often since I realized people around me saying it much, much lesser than me. I even can't remember the last time I received a sincere SORRY. Pity isn't it? *sigh*

Anonymous said...

One of the hardest things for
me to do was to say I'm sorry
when I didn't do anything.
What helped me to be sincere
about my apology,is that I was
really sorry about how the
circumstances had ruin our
I realized that it doesn't really
matter who did something wrong.
The thing that mattered to me was that the relationship be restored
and for us to continue as friends!
Sometimes,we get so caught up on
who's right,who's wrong or who's
fault it was;we fail to see
that reguardless of who's at fault.
We need to apologize and get back
to enjoying the friendship.
A disagreement / a dime a dozen
( someone who will listen to you,
attend a game with you,and watch
a movie with you / priceless! )

- garry b

LINA M said...

It only means something if the person apologizing is sincere in doing so. When you acknowledge the fact that you were in the wrong it makes you the better man/woman..
It also clears your conscience..

your doze of twinkletoe said...

saying sorry is not a hard thing for me to do, i always say sorry and admit my mistakes, it makes me feel light and alright after doing it. anyway, i got an award for you, check my blog. thanks.

asimplelife said...

Saying sorry doesnt make us less, anyway. Accepting our mistake itself is a humble way of saying that we are sorry for it... sometimes, i say sorry even if it isn't my fault because like what mr. gary b (down there) said, it really doesn't matter who's fault it is... what matters is the effort done to reconcile and make things right...again. Nice post there!!!!

bluedreamer27 said...

for me evrybody must accept their mistakes because i believe that in every mistakes we made we learned something new
and the more mistakes we made the more we develop our true personality

Elaine said...

Hi, I agree with what you had written. In my case, I do apologize when I feel that I have hurt someone. But I also try to be careful with my actions to avoid causing pain or disappointment to people that matters to me.

Rose said...

I always have tough time admitting I am making mistakes! But I have to admit that "sorry" is a wonderful word that bringing both parties at peace and mending any wounds!

Hye said...

Sorry is the hardest word to say.. next is I love you. hehehe. I don't say Sorry if I don't mean it, so if someone heared me saying sorry, it means I accepted the fault - even if it was from me or not.

Sometimes, I need time to say sorry. Because I don't want to be a hypocryte :D

Space of Reality

RJ said...

very true..sometimes its just that simple word to make things right..further, it show you are human enough to admit that you've made a mistake, and humble enough to say the five letter word S-o-r-r-y

mr_viruz said...

saying sorry is not bad i always say sorry in evry mistake i did