Friday, February 15, 2008


Appreciate your partner for his/her efforts in dressing well, making dinner and numerous other things that get easily taken for granted. In our obsession with expressing love, we often forget to express respect for our partner. "Let your partner know you have noticed his/her efforts by expressing your appreciation, either verbally or non-verbally. This motivates the person to do things with renewed vigour. This goes for everyday efforts as well.

Sometimes appreciate your partner for keeping time house clean. Everytime you come across something you like about your partner, make sure you pay a compliment. Words are important but they are too superficial to sustain a long-term relationship. They have to be backed by action too.


WoW said...

I guess you are right. Most people if not all tend to forget what their respective partner had sacrificed for them and they just take it for granted.

AngelBaby said...

Thank you is another way of saying I love you. We should remember this with everyone else too. Letting everyone know how much we appreciate them is a nice way to spread the love.

Love and Blessings,

Hye said...

I agree that appreciation is necessary for the relationship to work out. Saying a simple thank you can say it all :D

Hye of Space of Reality

mr_viruz said...

showing appreciation is ine of the best way or sh0wing love to a person, your parner or what well i guess no matter how tiring or hard your work was when someone appreciates it it really feels great all this stress will vanish in instant