Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Do not be afraid to disagree with your partner. Honest conflict keeps a relationship alive. However, to disagree positively, you need to accept that your partner is an individual with his/her own set of values. "It helps if you can communicate grouses to each other so as to avoid misunderstandings." Share your feelings openly so that problems can be solved in their initial stages.

Misunderstandings often happen because we are afraid to say no to our partners. Saying 'no' once in a while is very important. Too much of compromise makes you lose yourself. A couple can neither be completely independent nor completely dependent. They need to be interdependent. Mutual give and take is important, it helps couples retain individuality, yet be part of a pair.


mr_viruz said...

yah as i said communication plays a big part in every relationship
and saying what you dont like is a part of it

as the song says
"its now or never"
you wont like to spend your life sacrifising in what ever your wife wants there must be a point tht you will have to say your side

but make sure it will be fair for the two of you

WoW said...

glad to hear that you're back. I hope you are doing fine there.

rite, sometimes we should use the word 'no' even though the outcome could be a disastrous one. hehe

Pinoy Alphabet said...

i agree theres nothing wrong of to disagree sometimes
theres always have the reason to say no its just that both pair must learn to understand each other

nisha said...

You got to be balanced... sacrificing, compromising is a part of life.. you dont always have to do it though.. when you feel its time to put your point foward, be firm and confident and just disagree! ;)