Friday, February 8, 2008


What's the perfect gift for valentines day? Still searching for the perfect valentines day gift or did you get one!!!

The first gift that comes in everyones mind is:

Cards, flowers, chocolates, jewelery. Am I right to some level? But do you think that just buying and giving gifts to your beloved is enough.

Hey sweetie, "I gave you valentines day gift, Now I have to go, I have got some work." Are you one of this guys. Do you just celebrate this day for formality? What's your answer? Well, I would like to hear NO for those question because valentines day is not just about sharing gifts with your beloved but spending Quality time with them. You have to make that day entirely for your beloved: share love and have fun.

The best Valentine gifts are the gifts that can be enjoyed together as a couple. After all that was the intention of the special day, right. To celebrate relationships.


pooja said...

hi thanks for furnishing us with above information....:)

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bluedreamer27 said...

wow well i was thinking for something unique for my girl this time

mr_viruz said...

well the truth is i ave'nt still give a valentines gift for anyone but perhaps i will just tink of giving gift to my parent and friends

waliz said...

hey bluedreamer....something unique? can u share it wth me ?
mrviruz..why not? they will happy!

and Dann...the thought is the most important..whatever it is not so importnat to me...and u can give it at anytime not necessary on valentine day only....what happen to u..long time no see...:D

bluecrystaldude said...

Firstly, I love your picture there. Mind if I take it :D

Her best gift for me, I already stated in my newest post. But the best gift for her I think is a card painted with her face on it. (I finally managed to paint her face well after countless attempts. LOL)

However, for me, a gift will be special if it has a personal touch in it. It always works for me :D

WoW said... got the point. It's all about spending time together during this special day rather than buying expensive stuff. (save money) hehe

Spicegirl said...

Thanx for the nice tips! I will keep them handy:)