Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Hey Guys, Did this ever happen to you? You are talking with your beloved and after a while you are out of words... You don't know what to say and continue your conversation. This moment of silence is called horrible moments. You should avoid these kind of moments in order to have a healthy relationship. Here are useful horrible moments killer tips:

Ask open questions and listen her:

Asking open questions always works.You can use W W W W H question. .Ohh, by the way W W W W H means why, where, when, what and how. These are very helpful in lengthening your communication. She will feel that you are interested in what she is telling you and will develop her answers.

Listen to her while she is talking and give your opinion back on the subject that she is talking about. She is not there just to hear about you or to talk to herself. She is there to share her feelings and to have a great time.

Compliment her:

Compliments is a very inexpensive way to reach out to your partners heart. It work like a glue and get people together. Give compliments about your partners good qualties and most of all be honest.


Hye said...

Sometimes, I run out of word.. and most of the time, I just said something about the view.. hehehe or think about something that will interest him.

Hye of Space of Reality

bluedreamer27 said...

this happend to me when it was my first date with my former gf
gosh i was so ashamed that im running out of words to say

mr_viruz said...

another advice for the love guru huh
nice one daNN

it alwys happen to me im running out of words when i was with some i love thts really hard thnx for your advice dann i follow it

seo tactics said...

Well, sometimes it's okay to be silent. The truth is, you are not always going to have something to say in your relationship. But I think it's good when you can be comfortable with you lover and silent. Sometimes that's nice.

waliz said...

i dont think i will run out of words when i be with somebody tht i love...and sometimes i dont think i need words either...just to be wth him, feel the warmth of his body, his smell, and his eyes are enough for me!

Richard said...

Words are not always necessary.

I remember a friend of mine turning to me and saying, "Don't you ever stop talking?" I told her that I did not want her to think I was uncomfortable with her or had nothing to say, and she replied, "Sometimes silence is good."

hAiLiE said...

Just like what the others said, sometimes silence is also a good thing. For girls especially, we sometimes want guys to just listen.

But the tips you gave are okay. Of course, in a conversation, you will have your turn to speak. And just to stop yourself from mumbling and cramming for words, the WWWH always works. ;-)

Hailie -->just blog-hopping ^___^

mr_viruz said...

dann i have something for you at my hall of fame check it out

AngelBaby said...

This is great Dann. I just want you to know that this happens to women sometimes too! I know it is hard to believe that any women can run out of words but it is true! It does happen on rare occasions.

Love and Blessings,