Friday, January 4, 2008

What are my goals for this YEAR (2008)!!!

New year has started with lots of hopes and goals to fulfill. Everybody has got one..yup.. or may be you have got a plenty of goals..You need to set a goal to stay focus and determined to achieve success. It will help you motivate. Well, I had set my goals too for this year..Here are some goals that I have set till this date..May be later on I add more. ;)

  • Make lot more new friends.
  • Start my own business.
  • Get more good grades than last year.
  • Improve playing guitar.
  • Travel new places and go for Bungee Jumping.
  • Improve my German Language.
  • Bunk less class. ;)

Now, you know my goals for this year. Lets see what my friends have got for this year. This is my first time that I am tagging and I appreciate if you share your goals..If you got some private goals that you don't want to share then it's ok..You are not forced to do.

1. Waliz
2. Hye
3. Angelbaby
4. Wow
5. Ramil
6. Nisha
7. Katie
8. PurpleFrog
9. Billy
10. Callistre


waliz said...

hi Dann..what a goal to fulfill..bungee jumping!! oh my god..i will never do tht..even people put gun to my head hehehe...u sound so adventurous!

thanks for the first tag of the year!

Dann said...

hi waliz..I am so happy to give you my first tag.

I am curious to know about your goals.. take care and have a great time ..muahh...;)

Hye said...

Thanks for tagging me, dann :D

Good luck with your goals this year. Take care and have fun while doing your goals in life.

nisha said...

Thanks for keeping me in mind, Dann:) so sweet of you.. i will do the tag:)

WoW said...

the number that you want is **********. Try to encrypt it and u'll get the number. hehe

"ultimate goal"-learn to make $$ online hahaha no bad ah

Dann said...

hi hye..
thanx for wishing me luck..;) take care and accomplish your goals too. have fun ;)

Dann said...

hi nisha..
You never left my mind. You are always in my mind and heart ..Looking forward to know your goals ..take care and have a great time.

Dann said...

hi wow...
well, I'm not so good in could you encrypt that for me ..;) .. I appreciate your help ..hehehe..
Have a great time ..;)

bluedreamer27 said...

wow how impressive your goal was
simple but full of heart and sincerity
i like to gain more friends too (through blogging!!!!)
although i am not up to building a business iam too far from that although iam dreaming of it
and yesss dude i want higer grades this year!!!!
i still have two years in college
which means two years of sacrification waaaaahhhh
although i keep on praying for better results
nice blog by the way

Dann said...

hi bluedreamer..
college life is an awesome time to have fun.. You just got a Two years left..that's cool and then you got a bright future ahead waiting for you.;). ..Have a great time ..

AngelBaby said...

Hi Dan,

What are my goals for this year?

To make Your Caring Angels the best blog around. Helping others with love, peace and joy is my goal.

Love and Blessings,

Dann said...

Hi angelbaby,,
that was a sweet and encouraging goals. I'm sure you will accomplish your goals. Be happy all time..take care ..