Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fill in the Blanks

Last night, I got an email from my friend with some questions in it. The questions were like these:

What's your female friend name for guys Or male friend name for girls?
What's your lucky number?
what's your favorite place? and so on..

There were altogether 10 questions. I answered all the questions and replied him. Today, at afternoon when I checked my mail. I got his email and surprised to see what's inside it. He used that answer to merge with another sentence. That's funny.

It's something like this.

You are madly in love with ....(female friend name)
You'll go to ....(place name) for honeymoon
Your room number will be ....(lucky number) and so on..

Hehehe..that's quite interesting..

I was looking for some fun post that I can share with you guys and luckily I got an idea about one. I did little bit of coding to turn my idea into reality and to make the game interesting. And as a final result of my work, I came up with this. Hope you gonna enjoy it. "wink wink"


Pamela jayne said...

Lol Dann

i like it ;)

Pamela x

Dann said...

thanx pam . have a great time ;)

waliz said...

hey Dann.. u r genius..how did u do that...u know what? nisha do this and that for me...hahaha...very funny...

WoW said...

this little game-cool.... It could be a way to express your feeling to the loved one hehe

bluecrystaldude said...

hah! I love it! :DD

Hye said...

I love this game... Hahahaha... Let me take you to Venice, Dann.. Hehehe!!! Great job for the coding thing...

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bluedreamer27 said...

hehehhe i enjoy that too
hahahaha i thought there was an error in my page as i see that pop-up
lol nice one my buddy

Kreative Talk said...

Dann, I like this post...very nice!

Dann said...

hi waliz..
Now you knew my big secret that I'm genius. Oh!! no...Don't tell anybody about this.. ;)..hehehe. Have a great time and take care ;) muahhh

Dann said...

hi wow..
yup, it sure can be a unique way to express your feelings to your loved ones. Being happy and to make others happy is the great way of living.
take care and have a great time ;)

Dann said...

hi bluecrystaldude,
I am happy that you love it. have a great time ;)

Dann said...

hi hye..
when are we going to Venice? I can't wait any longer to go there ..;) .. take care and have a great time ;)

Dann said...

hi buddy,
that's a speciality of a game.. hehehe.. thanx for playing the game. have a great time, buddy ;)

Dann said...

hi kreative,
thanx a lot. take care and have a great time ;)

cardiogirl said...

Very cute!