Saturday, January 19, 2008


Yippee. I received an award from my sweet friend Hye and a tag from an angel, Angelbaby. Thanks to both of you for giving me this pleasure.

Here comes the award "Honest Blogger Award" that I received from my sweet friend Hye. Thanx Hye for the Award. I appreciate it.

Certified Honest Blogger

Now, yet another interesting thing that I received is a tag from an angel, Angelbaby. She tagged me with New Year Resolution. Thanx Angelbaby for the tag. ;)

The rules are simple:

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions we seem to fall into four categories:

1. Quite serious about them

2. Be flippant about them

3. Do it because we feel pressured to

4. Do not do them

So, the purpose of this little game is to let everyone know which category I am in.

Hmm..4 Caterogies...Well, in which category, do I fall into, thinking.. thinking...? Lets see...
  • I think it's a childish thing and a waste of time.
  • I haven't made any new year resolution yet.

So, in which category do I belong to? Yup, I fall into 4th category. That means I do not do them at all. But I do one thing everyday and that's Living each day of my life as it's my last.

Now whom shall I pass this tag..? Shall I tag you reading this or should I specify a name? Well, this time I won't specify a name but everyone who's interested to play this tagging are welcome. PLAY IT OR SLAY IT , it's your wish.


waliz said...

Congrats Dann for the amazing award and the tag...well we had talked about new year resolutions already but just wanna tell u that i'm belonging to the 5th category..'Living each day of my life as it's my last'...hahaha ..nice one Dann...!

take care..and enjoy yourself! any party tonite? *wink*

Dann said...

hi waliz dear,
thank your for your tweet comment. hey waliz sweetie, you and I belong to same category, 5th ..Nice...
Party!!hmmm ..Ya there is and I am waiting for you to join with me.
take care and have a great time ;) muaahhh....

RJ said...

congratulations on the award!!

you removed me from your blog roll..sniff sniff..

Dann said...

Hey rj.
Just look carefully and you'll find yourself there...wink.. take care and have a great time ;)

Hye said...

Hello Dann... Congratulations again for your award. Keep being a Certified Honest Blogger. :D

By the way, always bring your umbrella with you, okay?

Have a nice day and happy blogging.

RJ said...

found it..thanks..

WoW said...

Well done Dann. I believe more are coming... : )

I agreed with waliz. I receive present everyday from God cause everyday is "present" for me. Life is short, someone you see today may be gone for heaven tomorrow. So thank God, He still be kind enough to give me "present" everyday.

bluedreamer27 said...

wow i was also tagged that "new years ressolution or not"
by angel baby
and congrats in you award wheeeh!!!!!
we are honest bloggers
thanks to HYE hehehe
yeah i agree to waliz i much prefer that 5th category rather than the first four
you have wide instinct huh

Anonymous said...

hey dann, cool blog you have here....and as for the new year dont have any...hehehehehehe ;D

you have fun!!!!!!

Carol said...

Congrats on your Award. what an honor for you :)

purplefrogcat said...

congrats on your new award...keep up the good work...

Dann said...

thank you to all my friends. I'm so happy to receive such a wonderful feedback. thanx again. have a great time ;)