Saturday, December 8, 2007

Should I go for the kiss?

Should I go for the Kiss or not? This question comes in many guys mind when he thinks a girl is interested in him. Is she really interested in him?

The secret to find out if she is interested in you is understanding her BODY LANGUAGE.If she is interested, then here are some signals that she is sending out:

1. Leaning towards you by raising her shoulders.

2. She compliments you.

3. Smile a lot.

4. She exhibits curiosity about you.

5. Keeping her eyes locked on you while she talks or drinks.

6. She is jealous of other women you talk to.

7. She makes a reference to future activities together.

8. Walk by you many times at a club or restaurant.

9. Touch you a lot during conversation

When you find out that she is interested in you then go for the kiss..Don't wait for the last minute. You have got nothing to lose. What the worst could happen to you. She just say no. That's it..

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