Monday, December 10, 2007


Today, my day was full of excitement, fun, suspense. My friend called me at morning and told me to come at his house. I went there and he told me that he got a blind date today. He wants me to come with him. I said hell no, why should I come in your date?

He told me there's a reason behind it. I asked him what's the reason, tell me or else I won't come.
Then he told me: " I met her in internet and we have been chatting over the internet for 1 month and even talked on the phone. The girl has seen my picture but I haven't seen her picture. That's why I need you."

I still didn't get, why he wants me to come with him.

I again asked him what are you really planning to do?, tell me clearly.

He laughed and said: " I need you to come with me because I haven't seen her picture. If she looks beautiful then you can say that you got a work and you can leave. If she doesn't look good as I had expected then you say, lets go we got a work to finish. And we both can leave at the same time ."

I was surprised to know the reason. I couldn't say no because he is my childhood friend and he helps me whenever I have a problem.

I asked him at what time and where were you going to meet her. How are you going to recognize her?

He said that they have planned to meet at 1 pm at the Hot Chilli Restaurant. She will come in a complete black dress.

On the way, we imagined her face and we got there at 12:45. We ordered a coffee and waited for her. It's 1:10 and there isn't any sign of any girl in black dress coming inside the restaurant. Suddenly, a beautiful girl in black dress came and my friend was so excited and happy. But she didn't come towards us. She joined in a group in another table.
My friends excitement dropped down as he found out that she is not that gal. I was tired of waiting and I told him to give her a call and find out where is she.

He called her and she answered the phone.
She said that she is outside the restaurant and going to come inside.
He told her not to hang up the phone so that he could recognize her easily.

I can see the curiousity in his face? I was sitting opposite to him. He was facing towards the door. She entered the restaurant and the moment my friend saw her, his excitement, curiousity has fallen down. I hadn't seen her yet but his face told me everything. She came and sat beside him. He introduced me with her. We ordered something to eat and he signaled me to execute the plan. I left them alone for a while and as I came back I told him that we got to go now, I just got a call from another friend and we need to meet him immediately. We then left the restaurant. I asked him later, if he said anything harsh to hurt her. Then he said No.

Ok,,that's a relief.

When we reached his house, he said that he will never ever go to the BLIND DATE. I laughed and I said don't worry, sometimes this happens. I stayed there for an hour and then I went to my house thinking about that moment.


waliz said...

hi dann..very interesting story u have..LOL....but i admire yr friend plans..if not imagine how to talk wth somebody tht u r not interested in...must be along day for him.hahaha

pity the girl also...hahaha

h@n| said...

so what does she look like?? Your posts are interesting!

Maureen said...

I don't think you should give up on blind dates. Sure every once in a while you'll find one that doesn't suit at all, but remember that you're meeing new people all the time.

Don't forget that some of the girls won't feel a connection with you either so just look at it as a fun experience.

You never know, you might find the right one!


Dann said...

hi waliz..
It was really an awkward day for my friend and me. He really had high expectation..After that day when I remind him of that day, he says change the topic..He doesn't even want to remember that moment.

Dann said...

Hi h@n..
Well, it won't be good for me to judge her. She may be beautiful to somebody else.
All I can say is that just imagine a song. A song with good lyrics but a bad music.

nisha said...

Hmmm i agree with my friends above:)only hope, next time he sees the pics of his dates beforehand.

great post here dann... am off to read the next:)