Thursday, December 6, 2007

Set the mood for Kissing

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First of all, you have to make the entire date all about her and make her feel like a queen.

Right moment:
Don't wait for the right moment to come, CREATE IT.
You may take her out for the candle light dinner or take a moonlight walk or make a camp fire near the beach. Whatever the situation is, give your full attention to her and create an environment that's all about romance.

Am I ready to kiss:
Wait..It is not yet time to kiss..This is the most crucial part before you kiss....Did you get it what I mean? Ya, that's it.. FRESH BREATH. Check your breath. You can always use breath freshners as backup. Now you are ready to rock and roll..

Going for the kiss:
Go slowly...There is a way more intimacy with slow rhythm and most women like it. Nuzzle her neck and kiss her face. Let her warm up and then go for the final kiss, THE PERFECT KISS.. Bonzai !!

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