Sunday, December 23, 2007

3 tips to get a girl like you

There were moments in your life that a girl of your dream appeared in front of you and you were not able to get her attention. She doesn't even knew your presence around her. You were trying your best to get her attention. But Where did you go wrong? There may be many reasons for your failure. But the main reason is the way of presenting yourself. Presenting!!What the hell is that? It's simple...It's the way of displaying yourself in front of others. The way of presenting reflects your personality and the girls like guys with good personality. So, here are 3 tips that will help you move one step ahead:

Positive vibe and attitude:

Always display positive vibe and attitude. It not only attract girls, but also makes a great impression around people.

Be energetic and fun loving:

Girls are attracted to fun loving guy. Always have fun when you are around girls. Be natural and don't do something stupid to show yourself energetic and fun lover.

Smile is one of the powerful tips to attract girls. Girls are smile addicts and one smile can move you a one step ahead on getting a girl.

With these tips, you are getting one step further in your love life and seeing your dream come true.

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waliz said...

for me the most important thing is attitude..i dont want to date man who is clowning around for no reason...nice tips dan even its not for a girl like me..maybe next post..hmm?